2007 Accu-Link Community Events

June – Adopt-A-Donkey
Accu-Link Call Centres Inc. is proud to have adopted 6 donkeys through the Adopt-A-Donkey Program! Our staff raised and donated $464.48 to the Donkey Sanctuary.

July – Bake Sale
On July 25th, a bake sale was held within the Accu-Link Call Centre to raise money for the Guelph Community Foundation. A total of $141.25 was raised and donated to Kids Camp!  

August – Yard Sale
The Accu-Link Yard Sale was held on August 11th, where staff donated items from their homes for the Guelph Humane Society. A total donation of $400.00 was given.

September – Food Bank Drive
A Food Bank Drive was held throughout the month of September to help the less fortunate in the community enjoy a Happy Thanksgiving in October. A total of $428.50 was donated to the Guelph Food Bank.

October to December – Silent Auction
Accu-Link staff and supporters donated several items to the Accu-Link Silent Auction, held at the Annual Holiday Gala on December 8th. Through staff generosity, a total of $2138.14 was raised and donated to the Children’s Foundation through the Adopt-a-Family Program!


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