It is important that your company is made aware of all locates in a timely manner, and this is especially important with emergency and priority locates. Accu-Link Call Centres Inc. dispatches locate request information to locators using any combination of the options listed below as specified by your company.

Dispatch Options [click to enlarge]

Changes to your dispatch instructions are handled expediently and expertly by our Help Desk staff, and back-up options are set up in the event that your dispatch cannot be completed, ex: phone out of service, cell phone out of range, etc.

Dispatch – Damage Repair
Accu-Link operates a damage reporting service that ensures detailed documentation of a damage to your plant and immediate routing to the appropriate party for repair.

Benefits of Damage Repair

  • Excavators call the same Accu-Link One Call Centre number that they called to request the locate, eliminating time wasted by attempting to find the right number to call
  • The information obtained by Accu-Link is accurate and comprehensive, and reference to a locate request is made to assist with any future claims investigation
  • The information is passed along immediately to the party designated for repairs by the member, thus allowing your plant to be repaired as soon as possible
  • Accu-Link is open 24/7/365
If you would like to learn more about having Accu-Link handle your damage reporting, please contact our Help Desk at 1-866-466-7613 or e-mail info@accu-link.ca.


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