Office Clearances

Accu-Link Call Centres Inc offers an alternative to costly and time-consuming field locates. The Office Clearance, which is also known as the “Look-Up Service”, is an excellent means of optimizing your damage prevention by saving you money on needless locates in areas where your plant will not be at risk for damage. Coupled with the Call Centre, you will only receive notification for areas where you have plant in the area, and will only need to pay for locating services when your plant is in danger of being damaged by excavation.

Accu-Link employs highly skilled staff who are able to discern, through analysis of a map of your plant coverage, whether the excavation to be done will pose a threat to your underground utility structures. In the event that there is no risk, we are able to issue the excavator a clearance on your utility’s behalf. Should we determine that your plant may be endangered by the excavation, the locate request is forwarded to you within a time period deemed acceptable by you.

Consider this scenario:
ABC Utility Company has plant on the North side of Brown Street in Toronto. 123 Contracting wishes to dig a hydro trench on the South side of Brown Street.
The Call Centre will create a notification for ABC Utility to advise that there will be excavation near their plant. The locate request information can then be routed to the  Look-Up centre, who analyzes it along with ABC Utility’s maps and determines that the plant is not at risk. The Look-Up will issue a clearance on ABC Utility’s behalf, thus eliminating the cost of a field locate, but first ensuring that there was no risk to the plant.

Benefits of Office Clearances

  • Accu-Link has the most competitive pricing in the industry
  • Money and time saved from eliminating unnecessary locates
  • Excavator advised of clearance within 24 hours of locate request
  • Staff at your utility company free to work on other tasks

If you are interested in learning more about what our Look-Up service can do for your company, please contact our Help Desk at 1-866-466-7613 or e-mail


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